Call Dialing Features Add Function and Control to Company Phones

Call Dialing Features Add Function and Control to Company Phones

Telx Telecom

Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

A business phone system is absolutely essential to businesses that are both growing and those that already have an established, large presence. Yet these systems often range in quality and functionality—and can be inflexible and buggy.

Today, Telx Telecom, a Miami-based IP phone service provider, announced new features for its PBX systems.

The first feature is Call Forwarding—a way to redirect calls to another number. The system can automatically forward calls when the phone is busy, when there’s no answer, or forward unconditionally, which lets users forward every call to an alternate number/extension regardless of the phone’s status or the availability of the phone’s normal user.

Another feature added is Call Waiting, which notifies a user on an active call that there is a second incoming call. Users can switch between calls or place them on hold.

Telx Telecom’s hosted PBX services also have call parking, transferring, and holds. Call parking allows users to place calls in a hold state, then allows them to retrieve it at a later time. Call transferring allows users, like administrative assistants, to answer calls and then transfer them to another line.

Another interesting feature that TelX added is an auto-attendant. This is an automated, standardized greeting that callers encounter in lieu of an actual attendant or operator. This saves both time and labor for a small business.

An exciting feature that Telx telecom also offers now is conferencing, which is the ability to have several people on a call at once. This enables remote meetings, which save an immense amount of time and money.

In addition, Telx also added an advanced, color-coded, drag-and-drop interface that allows receptionists to manage and route calls to appropriate parties, with or without supervision, and a “virtual front desk” that receptionists/operators can log into (via an online interface) anywhere.

Finally, Telx added a Direct Inward Dialing, EVO Fax, and an Intercom Calling service. DID allows a caller to access another’s extension directly without using a receptionist. EVO Fax receives faxes without the use of a modem—faxes are instead received as a PDF file in an email. Intercom calling lets authorized users place a call and have it received hands-free by the person at the opposite end.

Telx Telecom offers top of the line services through business internet phone service networks and additional hosted PBX services/solutions.

For more information call toll free: 1(866)969.8359, Local: (305).615.1066 or visit their website

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