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Venezuela’s Minimum Wage Hike Is No Match for Inflation

Venezuela’s Minimum Wage Hike Is No Match for Inflation

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raised his country’s minimum wage by a whopping 30 percent last week, following a 10 percent increase in January.

During a workers’ rally commemorating May Day, Maduro told the crowd the raises were fresh evidence of the success of the country’s socialist revolution. “In the 15 years of the Revolution, we have given, in accordance with our socialist program and constitutional mandate, 25 salary hikes and 25 pension increases,” Maduro said during a nationally televised address.bandera de venezuela - photobucket

What Maduro neglected to say was that the increases are necessary to keep pace with the country’s inflation rate, which at 56 percent last year was the highest in the world.

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Interest Rate in Europe is held on 0,25%

The bank slightly raised its forecast for growth to 1.2% in 2014, but dropped its inflation estimate.

Eurozone interest rates have remained unchanged since November 2013, when the bank said it expected “a prolonged period of low inflation”.

In February, eurozone inflation was at 0.8%, well below the ECB’s 2% target, which has prompted deflation worries.

However, the ECB has been confident that eurozone economies are recovering from recession.

The bank decided to leave the rate unchanged as there were continued signs of recovery, ECB president Mario Draghi told a news conference in Frankfurt. Continue reading “Interest Rate in Europe is held on 0,25%” »

US Government Fiscal Budget for 2015 : $ 3,9 Billion

US Government Fiscal Budget for 2015 : $ 3,9 Billion


(BusinessWeek) On Tuesday morning, the White House unveiled its $3.9 trillion budget for fiscal year 2015. While many of the details were new, the overall thrust of the budget became apparent two week ago, when news leaked that President Obama would not be including a proposal to cut Social Security cost-of-living benefits (by switching to the so-called chained Consumer Price Index) as he had in previous budgets. This was taken as a signal that the White House had given up hope of trying to reach a “grand bargain” with Republicans to cut the deficit and entitlement programs.

In past budgets, offering Social Security cuts had been Obama’s way of expressing his desire and willingness to tackle the deficit, which Republicans were always griping about. Obama’s preemptive negotiating style of offering up chained CPI as a concession drove liberals nuts, but they needn’t have worried: Republicans never took up Obama’s offer. And after more false starts than the Oakland Raiders’ offense, the prospects of the two parties reaching a grand bargain are finally dead and buried. Continue reading “US Government Fiscal Budget for 2015 : $ 3,9 Billion” »

Violence Continues, Ukraine Credit Rating Cut by S&P

Violence Continues, Ukraine Credit Rating Cut by S&P

Standard & Poor’s said the downgrade reflected “our view that the political situation has deteriorated substantially”.

origami Hang Glider

It downgraded the economy by one notch, from CCC+ to CCC.

Ukrainians government’s plans to forge closer ties with Russia rather than with Europe was protested by his own citizen. Continue reading “Violence Continues, Ukraine Credit Rating Cut by S&P” »

How to Claims Insurance Because of Flooding

Here is some tips how to do Insurance claims effectively, especially for our asset in prone to flood area. You should read this tips so you will get effective insurance claims, and doesn’t waste assets and your time.


1 . Home Insurance

Polis standard type usually does not protect losses due to hurricanes and storm water . You have to pay an extra premium for the Natural Disasters endorsement clause.

Do Have an All Risk Property Insurance ? Don’t get too excited…! Read the clauses carefully. Make sure you don’t find this clause : ” Excluding Flood , Typhoon , Storm & Water Damage. ” If your house is in a flood area, you can ask for additional Temporary Accommodation clause to reimburse the cost of temporary refuge at the inn, hotel, or other place .

2 . Vehicle insurance

The standard type is definitely does not have any reimbursement for flooding effect. Car insurance should be extended by endorsement Natural Disasters. Claims because of flooding there is also have some conditions. Example : hit the flood, the claim will not be responded. Claims for submerged vehicles by flooding usually only if the vehicle in the garage or storage location standards. But if its submerged on the road ? No ! !

If your vehicle affected by flood, take more photos as evidence. Try not to move the damaged cars or goods until insurers surveyed it.

Don’t be reckless for the flood hit, because if the vehicle is damaged as a result of this, your claim potentially won’t be replaced. When you do the claims process, please be patient as the process may take up to many weeks, even months.

So, how if disaster can not be predicted ? Once Again: Emergency Fund is the solution! ! Have You got the ideal number ? Next, review your insurance policy. Extend the warranty if you are prone to risk and have an Emergency Fund !


Fake Tax Invoice Issuer was Arrested by Indonesian Tax Division

Jakarta-Indonesian’s Directorate-General Tax (DJP) succeeded in capturing a publisher fake tax invoices, which makes the country a loss of at least Rp 12 billion.

On October 8, 2013 ago, has arrested an MDA initials for allegedly committing a tax crime under article 39A of Law the General Provisions and Tax Procedures (Undang-undang ketentuan Umum dan tata Cara Perpajakan), by deliberately issuing tax invoices, but has not been autorized as a “Pengusaha Kena Pajak” (PKP).

Director of Intelligence and Investigation Directorate General of Taxation Kristiyono Yuli said, in the course of operation, MDA operates 2 companies, namely PT and PT ACU BLM to issue a tax invoice is not based on actual transactions. MDA was arrested by the regional office of tax investigators Taxation Office in South Jakarta. Continue reading “Fake Tax Invoice Issuer was Arrested by Indonesian Tax Division” »

Florida Education Attorney David Delaney of Dell Graham PA Becomes Board Certified

Florida Education Attorney David Delaney of Dell Graham PA Becomes Board Certified

(PRWEB) December 23, 2013

David Delaney, an education attorney in Gainesville, Florida with the Dell Graham PA law firm, achieves board certification.


The Florida Supreme Court established Florida’s board certification program in 1982 (1), with the aim to help consumers identify qualified legal specialists. Only board certified attorneys are allowed to describe themselves as “specialists” or “experts” in their chosen area of practice. Board Certified lawyers are evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise — with only 6% of Florida attorneys having attained this distinction, attaining board certification is a distinction and honor for law professionals.


Attorney Delaney is a partner at the Dell Graham PA law firm, which he has been a member of since 1997. Apart from being a certified in education law, he also concentrates his practice on the representation of insurance companies and self-insured entities in the areas of governmental liability and personal injury defense.

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Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP Offers Consultations

Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP Offers Consultations

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (PRWEB) December 23, 2013

Accidents are not predictable, they can happen at any given moment. When an accident does happen, victims can count on Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP to lend them a helping hand. Q.T.M.G LLP Lawyers are a team of personal injury lawyers who are dedicated to accident and personal injury law. This law office is offering free consultations and free injury and accident assessment. There’s no catch and no fee until the individual wins the case. Clients may contact the firm at any time to request the free consultation, with no obligations. Clients will be able to speak directly to a professional accident injury lawyer regarding their case and the possible compensation that is available for their pain and suffering they experienced during the accident or injury.

The personal injury lawyer should be selective when it comes to the cases they choose to handle. This technique gives the firm the opportunity to personally devote time that is needed in order to build a solid case. The QTMG Personal Injury Lawyers have a reputation for aggressive representation against defense firms and irresponsible parties.

As previously stated, the company will not charge their client, until the office recovers on the case. Regardless of the client’s ability to pay, the law office works on what is called a contingency basis. If the office is not able to recover any cash, their clients do not have to pay any fees. This plan allows the law office to provide services to each individual, no matter what their financial situation may be. In return, this saves clients a large amount of stress and worriment, but this also means more work for the law firm.

Currently, Q.T.M.G LLP has a team of 12 lawyers consisting of:

    Marc-Nicholas Quinn
    Michael K. E. Thiele
    Anthony Mineault
    Mikolaj T. Grodzki
    Rohan G. Bansie
    Jaimie M. Noel
    Nadim Barsoum
    Michelle Bourbonnais
    Cynthia Fenwick
    Heather Campbell
    Nada Shouman
    Jennifer McCourt

This highly professional law team is able to handle all types of personal injury and accident cases anywhere in Ontario, Canada. For a good accident lawyer simply call them for the free consultation today.

About Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP

Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP is a law firm that currently employees 12 highly professional lawyers. This law team is dedicated to accidents and injuries.

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Carman L. Skeehan, CEO of TGA, Inc. is named VIP Woman of the Year by The National Association of Professional Women

Carman L. Skeehan, CEO of TGA, Inc. is named VIP Woman of the Year by The National Association of Professional Women

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

The National Association of Professional Women honors Carman L. Skeehan as a 2013/2014 Professional Woman of the Year for leadership as the CEO of Temporal Geo Analytics (TGA Inc.) with this prestigious distinction. As the largest, most-recognized organization of women in the country, spanning virtually every industry and profession, the National Association of Professional Women is a powerfully vibrant networking community with over 600,000 members and nearly 400 Local Chapters.

Ms. Skeehan holds a Master of Engineering in GIS and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. She has had a long and successful career managing mapping and designing projects in the U.S. and throughout Colorado including several multi-use development projects. Ms. Skeehan is an innovative and quality-oriented professional who possesses a proven record of elevating operating production, driving technical efficiencies and maintaining quality standards.

Working closely with experts from across the environmental and land use industry landscape, TGA specializes in developing advanced and innovative visualization of multifaceted land issues including land use and environmental impacts over time. These explanations are based in a geographic information system (GIS), transforming complex issues into defensible, authoritative and easily understood maps and graphics.

Since its founding, TGA, Inc. has positioned itself as an industry leader, beginning with the merits of its core values of bringing an innovative quality of competency, integrity and excellence to every project. These values became the key to TGA’s continuous growth, commanding the respect of its customers and competitors alike and establishing its national prominence.

About NAPW

NAPW provides an exclusive, highly advanced networking forum to successful women executives, professionals and entrepreneurs where they can aspire, connect, learn and achieve. Through innovative resources, unique tools and progressive benefits, professional women interact, exchange ideas, advance their knowledge and empower each other


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