Decorate your rooms exclusively

Decorate your rooms exclusively.

Many way to make you feel comfort, either at your home or at your office. And decorate your rooms with some pictures is very effective ways to make your room looks excellent. Good looking rooms is important in modern living. Eyes contact is one of effective communications, so not only use for refresh our views, but it also can attract your customers so you can make the deals not take long conversation and wasting discussion.

Photo4canvas –  one of company who provides digital photos services in Auckland, New Zealand, offers you low prices – High quality prints in some option:

Photo 4 Canvas Print

For personal users, now printing technology offers new way to put our photo memories on canvas. in past, canvas use for oil painting using paintbrush or something like that. at present you can put your favorite photos on canvas. Besides that, you can customize your photos with several style option such as Pop Art, oil painting, water colour,  sephia or black and white mode. If you like convert your digital photo into hand write photo, now it can be done with newest computer technology.

For professional user and business purpose, besides photos, you can choose wall paper background or wall murals. For products seller, wall murals can help you attract your customer about your products. With attractive pictures, customer will easily to figure out what we want to inform them. In other way, wall paper will makes your rooms more cozy, so its will retain people at their good mood. photo4canvas offers you a Wall Murals that’s doesn’t need glue install.

Photo 4 canvas Print

For  customers in New Zaeland, they offers you fast delivery with free shipping cost. They’re not only manage for domestic customers, but also for international customers too.

Additional information :

POP ART: Add this digitally hand rendered Pop Art portrait to your canvas print to take your original photo and turn it into something unique and very special. It gives your image a stylish look with a retro ‘Andy Warhol’ feel to it. You can choose the colours to suit your own taste.

Hand drawn custom portrait takes your original photo and turns it into something truely awesome. See before and after samples to see for yourself what we can do for your photo. This is a unique service that requires the photo to be digitally hand rendered by our skilled artists using the latest computer technology.

Montages are an excellent way to show of many related photos in a compact way. You can choose the number of pictures to be used and how they are arranged. Great for showing an event or someone growing up over the years.

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