Getting a Forklift for Our Small Warehouse Was a Huge Help!

We were unloading pallets of product we received in our small warehouse by hand onto carts as soon as trucks unloaded the pallets. We had a small pallet jack we used to move the product on pallets from the truck to the warehouse floor. The room was about as big as a small commercial garage. It was a lot of work. Then I looked for forklifts for sale to make the job easier. We found a nicely priced propane powered forklift that was perfect for moving our pallets. We installed a shelf system to hold several pallets of product. Up until then, everything was flat on the floor because we had no way of lifting the pallets to stack them.

The forklift made the work a lot easier. I was able to let employees tasked to do certain jobs just do their work instead of helping to unload trucks when they arrived with new product for us to ship out. We used to have everyone come to the warehouse floor to help unload the pallets and then restack the product elsewhere. It was tedious, cumbersome and even embarrassing. However, forklifts are an investment. They cost money, and we were on a budget. Finding a great price for forklifts for sale was a big help.

These things are heavy. They have to be so they do not tip over with a heavy pallet in front of them on their forks. They run on the small propane tanks that are not much bigger than the ones you use with a barbecue grill. Except for a slight odor of propane, they do not stink up the warehouse. If you have decent ventilation, you can run a forklift inside even in the winter when the doors are closed. However, you do have to train personnel to operate them in a safe manner.


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