How to Claims Insurance Because of Flooding

Here is some tips how to do Insurance claims effectively, especially for our asset in prone to flood area. You should read this tips so you will get effective insurance claims, and doesn’t waste assets and your time.


1 . Home Insurance

Polis standard type usually does not protect losses due to hurricanes and storm water . You have to pay an extra premium for the Natural Disasters endorsement clause.

Do Have an All Risk Property Insurance ? Don’t get too excited…! Read the clauses carefully. Make sure you don’t find this clause : ” Excluding Flood , Typhoon , Storm & Water Damage. ” If your house is in a flood area, you can ask for additional Temporary Accommodation clause to reimburse the cost of temporary refuge at the inn, hotel, or other place .

2 . Vehicle insurance

The standard type is definitely does not have any reimbursement for flooding effect. Car insurance should be extended by endorsement Natural Disasters. Claims because of flooding there is also have some conditions. Example : hit the flood, the claim will not be responded. Claims for submerged vehicles by flooding usually only if the vehicle in the garage or storage location standards. But if its submerged on the road ? No ! !

If your vehicle affected by flood, take more photos as evidence. Try not to move the damaged cars or goods until insurers surveyed it.

Don’t be reckless for the flood hit, because if the vehicle is damaged as a result of this, your claim potentially won’t be replaced. When you do the claims process, please be patient as the process may take up to many weeks, even months.

So, how if disaster can not be predicted ? Once Again: Emergency Fund is the solution! ! Have You got the ideal number ? Next, review your insurance policy. Extend the warranty if you are prone to risk and have an Emergency Fund !



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