Make the Impossible Possible This Christmas With a Rare Gift of ?Holiday Energy Transmissions? from All the Four Trivedi Masters?

Make the Impossible Possible This Christmas With a Rare Gift of “Holiday Energy Transmissions” from All the Four Trivedi Masters™

“Holiday Energy Transmissions” by all four Trivedi Masters™

(PRWEB) December 24, 2013

As a special gift to the people for this festive holiday season Trivedi Master Wellness™ is offering an incredible and unique opportunity to people from all over the world to receive a gift that has the potential to really help to transform lives. They are offering an opportunity to receive Holiday Energy Transmissions administered by all four Trivedi Masters™ at the same time on December 24, 2013. What a phenomenal gift to kick start Christmas and the New Year off with.

Trivedi Master Wellness™ is inviting people from all around the world to participate in a unique and life transforming event, “Holiday Energy Transmissions”. This rare opportunity to receive such powerful Energy Transmissions from all four Trivedi Masters is one that will have lasting effects, bringing beneficial transformation to the lives of those that receive it. The Energy Transmissions administered at the same time from all Trivedi Masters™ Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak and Alice Branton will be received when people are asleep and their receptivity is at its highest.

This opportunity is a remarkable offer to really receive or give the greatest start one could hope for, for the year ahead. By receiving this high level of energy people can really start to transform all aspects of their lives. The transformational properties of this Energy, first brought to the awareness of humankind through Mahendra Trivedi has been validated through rigorous scientific experiments, undertaken at leading and well renowned research institutes or universities. Over 4,000 experiments have produced incredible results that highlight the impact this energy has in bringing beneficial changes to enhance the quality of all it touches. Tests have ruled out the possibility of a placebo effect and transformation has been witnessed in both living organisms and non-living materials. This energy has captured the attention of scientists all over the world as they now recognize that things previously thought of as impossible are now possible through the Trivedi Effect®. To find out more about the scientific research that has been undertaken please view the Trivedi Science website at

This energy has transformed plants, trees, animals, cancer cells, microbes, metals, polymers, chemicals and even the structure of the atom ….. It is capable of transforming lives in ways that lead towards fulfillment and happiness in life. Its ability to really transform human lives in a vast number of ways has been validated through tens of thousands of testimonials left by people who have received it. To explore how people have benefited from the Trivedi Effect® please go to People have described the Trivedi Effect® as ‘miraculous’, ‘incredible’ …‘amazing’. Don’t take their word for it, find out what it can do for you by experiencing this incredible opportunity to benefit from all four Trivedi Masters™ Energy Transmissions.

Receiving an energy transmission cannot be simpler, all four Masters have the ability to direct energy through their thoughts to anywhere in the world. On this occasion, the energy will be received once the recipient goes to sleep on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013.

Following Energy Transmissions, people have, amongst many other things, reported experiencing great improvement to their health, well-being, finances, careers, relationships, improved mental clarity, inner peace or happiness and connection to their own inner guidance system /God of their understanding. People all over the world have been really surprised by the way the Trivedi Effect® has transformed their lives for the better.

Normally a high level Master Energy Transmission from a single Master would cost between $ 150-$ 200. This chance to experience the phenomenal benefits of 4 powerful Energy Transmissions all at once is being offered for the generous price of just one. The ability to start transformation in life is priceless, this chance is really one that can help so many people. Don’t wait until it’s too late, grasp this opportunity to bring positive change in life.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and present your loved ones with a gift that can bring greater health and happiness by registering them for the “Holiday Energy Transmissions”. To find out more visit

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