Opening a Chocolate Factory in Louisville

This year was an exciting time for my family as my parents finally managed to open up a small chocolate factory in Louisville, KY. It’s always been their dream to own a chocolate bakery or factory for as long as I can remember. For a time they had their own bakery but for them, they were far more interested in producing delicious chocolate on a larger scale without having to incorporate it into a planned menu, although it was my favorite part of the job! On my first visit I got to check out some multihead weighers that they had invested in – I hadn’t heard of them until I walked through those doors.

In fact, I was surprised by the scale and sheer amount of industrial tools that they had bought for their small, two person operation. All of it was incredibly complex and sophisticated, each one optimized to give them the most efficient product that they could produce without the burden of having to deal with waste. A lot of restaurants and factors combat this problem specifically; waste. When I worked at a local pizza restaurant during my high school years, I actually saw them go out business because they couldn’t get a handle on how much food they wasted.

It was a shame, really, and it remains a shame for any modern day restaurant to go out of business over something that can be easily taken care of and monitored. My parents hired a consultant to come in to optimize their business and production line, ensuring that the end result was a product that, if sold, would be profitable. For six months now they’ve been producing chocolate 7 days a week without loss – I’d say they hired the right consult! I can’t wait to see if they’ll be able to expand by next year.


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