Optmyzr Launches AdWords Reporting Tool

Optmyzr Launches AdWords Reporting Tool

See where most of your sales came from in 2013 with the Optmyzr Geo Distribution map in the 2013 AdWords Account Report

Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) January 03, 2014

Spending on Google search ads continued to grow in 2013 and there were some big changes in how AdWords works, for example when they introduced Enhanced Campaigns which changed the way campaigns target mobile devices. Because of the constant evolution of the platform and the increases in advertising dollars going towards AdWords, it’s especially important for advertisers to make sure their campaigns are poised to continue delivering great results in 2014.

Optmyzr has launched a new report, the Account Executive Summary, to give advertisers a consolidated view of their AdWords performance and help identify potential issues. To celebrate the new year, Optmyzr is offering the 2013 AdWords Annual Report for free to all advertisers.

The report includes all the key elements to answer the question of how an account has done in 2013: account quality score; year-over-year reporting for the entire account and the top campaigns; performance on different networks and on mobile devices; top keywords; a unique map view showing the regions driving the most value; and whether the account is using the latest best practices for search marketing success.

The team at Optmyzr built this report to make it easier for AdWords advertisers to get all their critical data in a single place. “Some of the data visualizations we offer are not available in AdWords so we’re trying to give users new ways to understand complex data,” says Manas Garg, CTO of Optmyzr.

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