Stayhealthy Receives License from Health Canada for Stayhealthy

Stayhealthy Receives License from Health Canada for Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk™ Models 650 and 650-C

Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk™ Models 650

Monrovia, California (PRWEB) December 19, 2013

Stayhealthy, Inc., an innovative, privately-owned health solutions company in health and fitness measurement, recently received medical license to sell from Health Canada’s Medical Devices Bureau for the Stayhealthy® HealthCENTER Kiosk™ Models 650 and 650-C, its FDA-cleared, self-serve health kiosk which offers clinical-grade health screenings.

Comparable to the Food and Drug Administration in the US, Health Canada reviews medical devices to assess their safety, effectiveness and quality before being authorized for sale in Canada. The recent approval by Health Canada’s Medical Devices Bureau paves the way for Canada’s thirty-five million plus residents to benefit from Stayhealthy’s health screening and monitoring capabilities including Stayhealthy’s electronic Personal Health and Fitness Record software.

“With Health Canada’s approval of our clinical-grade HealthCENTERs, final negotiations can proceed with several key prospective partnerships, which have been on-going,” stated John Collins, Chief Executive Officer of Stayhealthy, “we are pleased to expand our products and services into the Canadian market, which has similar challenges and opportunities as the US. Enabling citizens with convenient access to an intuitive means of participating in and monitoring their own wellness, to establish fitness goals and track trends over time, will result in profound health benefits for the many that utilize Stayhealthy solutions.”

Stayhealthy HealthCENTERs offer clinical-grade accurate health checks for blood pressure, heart rate, total body weight, BMI, total body composition (percent lean mass, percent body fat & hydration index), and vision (color blindness). Data from blood glucose meters can also be uploaded from the HealthCENTER to track screening results over time. The HealthCENTER can also be tailored to provide wellness programs, health education videos, on-line health monitoring tools, and relevant advertising/messaging.

About Stayhealthy, Inc.

Stayhealthy, Inc. is a privately-owned healthcare solutions corporation headquartered in Monrovia, California. Since 1995, Stayhealthy has been committed to improving the way the world measures, manages, and accesses health and fitness. Stayhealthy has built a world-wide reputation within the research community for providing the highest-quality, FDA-cleared health measurement products, solutions, and services.

Stayhealthy has deployed a nationwide (USA) network of biometric products and health screening kiosks in pharmacies, employer facilities, wellness centers, clinical, and provider sites to support public health initiatives, integrating with the healthcare community.

Stayhealthy products, solutions, and services are backed by its powerful, HIPAA-compliant (privacy-protected), online portal to empower and engage individuals, healthcare professionals, and organizations across the globe to track health measurement results over time, set goals for improvement, and monitor progress. For more information, visit

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