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Mashable Closes $13.3 Million in Its First Ever Capital Raise to Expand Media-Tech Company for the Connected Generation; Investment Led by Updata Partners

Mashable Closes $ 13.3 Million in Its First Ever Capital Raise to Expand Media-Tech Company for the Connected Generation; Investment Led by Updata Partners

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

This is the company’s first capital raised since its founding in 2005. The capital will go to bolster Mashable’s editorial operations, grow its global audience, develop new technology products, expand its BrandLab and advertising offerings, and open up a larger headquarters in New York City and offices in Los Angeles and London.

Additional investors who participated in the Series A round include New Markets Venture Partners; Social Starts; Michael and Kass Lazerow, serial entrepreneurs and co-founders of Buddy Media; Elio Leoni Sceti, CEO of Iglo Group and tech private investor; and David Jones, Global CEO of Havas and Founder of One Young World.

“Mashable thrives at the intersection of media and technology,” said Pete Cashmore, Founder and CEO, Mashable. “What’s exciting is that we are only just beginning to realize the potential we have to build a new kind of company, which is equal parts media and technology.”

Over the past year the company has grown significantly:

    Reaching a record of more than 34 million unique global readers in December (source: Adobe Marketing Cloud).
    Growing its social community to over 14 million followers across social networks; it is one of the top followed brands on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine and Google+.
    Increasing engagement; it was recently named as the most socially efficient publisher of original content with an average of more than 2,500 social interactions per article (source: Newswhip).
    Expanding its editorial depth and breadth with the addition of Jim Roberts, formerly of Reuters and The New York Times, as Chief Content Officer and Executive Editor.
    Bringing on Chief Revenue Officer Seth Rogin to expand the advertising team, and to elevate awareness of Mashable’s highly powerful advertising platforms.
    Achieving record revenue in 2013 with fourth quarter revenues up 50.6% year over year, fueled by rapid growth in advertising sales, particularly in the area of branded content, and by the introduction of new display products such as Mashable’s exclusive social amplification platform, Social Lift.
    Developing new capabilities through the expansion of the technology team to include data science and artificial intelligence to drive development of Mashable Velocity, Mashable’s proprietary viral prediction platform, and other technology products.
    Furthering the company’s mission to spread ideas and innovation for social good through such initiatives as #GivingTuesday, G-Everyone, and its annual Social Good Summit; which included participation from 204 countries and territories, was translated into seven languages, and featured such voices as Al Gore, Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United States, Melinda Gates, co-chair, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Malala Yousafzai, author and activist.
    Expanding staff with a current headcount of 120 people.

“I am proud that our team has grown Mashable into a competitive and profitable media company. It’s from this solid footing that we take our next step,” Cashmore said. “I’ve never been more confident in the stable foundation that we’ve set, nor more convinced of the need to build upon it. As the pace of technology grows ever quicker, so too does our need to make sense of it.”

“Mashable’s growth reflects the evolving nature of digital media, where the next generation of successful companies are creating strong editorial paired with smart technology, and a passionately engaged community,” said Jon Seeber, Partner at Updata Partners. “Mashable has a talented management team, a global brand, a highly desirable social audience and a culture built on innovation. We look forward to helping them build upon the success they have already achieved.”

“We will use the capital to grow our reach, technology capabilities, invest in video and new storytelling formats, grow the company’s BrandLab, which now engages with some of the world’s best brands, and work on new products that will be announced next year,” said Mike Kriak, Mashable’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. “This means we’ll be increasing headcount by as much 50%, and we will move to a new headquarters in New York City to house our rapidly growing team, and be opening up new offices in Los Angeles and London.”

About Mashable:

Mashable is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable’s record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 14 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

About Updata Partners:

Updata Partners is a leading technology-focused growth equity firm with nearly $ 500 million of capital under management. Updata invests in high-growth technology-enabled services, software, and Internet companies with innovative intellectual property and market-leading solutions. Led by an investment team averaging more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Updata seeks investments where the combination of the firm’s financial backing and the operating expertise of its partners will accelerate growth.

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The First Organic, All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar Opens in Seattle Suburb

The First Organic, All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar Opens in Seattle Suburb

Zoopa in Tukwila, WA.

Tukwila, WA (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

After a season of planning and building renovations, Zoopa will open its doors in January 2014. This opening will coincide just in time for everyone pursuing New Year’s goals related to getting fit so that health-conscious individuals can have a new favorite spot every time that they go out to eat! Visit EatZoopa.com for more info. Many have grown accustomed to paying around $ 10 per pound for a good salad bar. Zoopa is the first of its kind to offer an all-you-can-eat option, that includes mostly organic ingredients. Truly, Zoopa is a win-win for everyone.

Zoopa guests will enjoy the familiar all-you-can-eat buffet, while being refreshed through the new focus on fresh, organic, and flavorful foods. Specifically, guests can look forward to locally grown organic vegetables and salads offered daily, along with house-made soups, pizzas, and baked goods. Zoopa will source the freshest organic produce and ensure that guests always enjoy the highest quality seasonal produce.

Zoopa’s head chef will be partnering with some other big names in the local Seattle food scene, as part of the revamped menu. The first step to providing amazing organic produce was to bring in Freggies, an organic produce delivery service. Freggies delivers organic produce to residences and businesses, including restaurants, throughout the greater Seattle region and has plans to expand to additional cities in 2014. The second step in Zoopa’s innovation was forging a relationship with Full Tilt Ice Cream, a local creamery which makes amazing frozen treats. Zoopa will debut with some of Full Tilt’s custom flavors and dessert ideas. Finally, Zoopa connected with Seattle Bagel Bakery to bolster Zoopa’s bakery selection, which will offer SBB bagels, pizza dough, and other delights.

Zoopa joins the Tukwila community as a part of the solution to keep “real food” costs as low as possible. A Zoopa representative shared that “many people are forced to eat what we call ‘non-food,’ which is made in a factory and sold in a package instead of raw, fresh, organic, health food that is grown on a farm. Zoopa is passionate about being a place where everyday folks in this community can enjoy affordable, healthy, and great-tasting food.”

The Tukwila Zoopa will reside at 393 Stranger Blvd. Tukwila, WA 98188, right across from the Westfield Southcenter Mall. Zoopa is also expanding through franchising, and those interested in joining the Zoopa team, as an employee or Franchise Partner, should contact info(at)eatzoopa(dot)com or call 206-575-0500. Fans of Zoopa can also gain more information about the restaurant and find the latest deals by “liking” their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eatzoopa or tracking their tweets at @EatZoopa on Twitter.


Zoopa is an all-you-can-eat soup, salad, and bakery buffet that offers organic vegetables and salads (offered daily), along with house-made soups, pizzas, and baked goods. Zoopa was previously operated by Fresh Choice, a California corporation which was forced to reorganize in 2012, resulting in all Zoopa locations closing. Zoopa was revived by a Seattle local, Jerrod Sessler, who is passionate about health and providing real food options to the community. Zoopa has re-emerged as a franchised business and anyone looking to gain information about Zoopa or becoming a Franchise Partner can find more information by emailing info(at)eatzoopa(dot)com or calling 206-575-0500.

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eReflect Publishes Its First in a Series of Vocabulary Improvement Short Courses on Squidoo.com

eReflect Publishes Its First in a Series of Vocabulary Improvement Short Courses on Squidoo.com

New York City, NY (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

eReflect, the company behind Ultimate Vocabulary™ software, has announced the publication of a series of free short courses on vocabulary improvement. These courses are now available on the website Squidoo.com. According to a brief statement from the company, this is an initiative by eReflect aimed at helping students of all ages to improve their vocabulary in ways that benefit them in their educational goals and subsequent professional life.

The first short course on vocabulary improvement focuses on how students can effectively prepare for their SAT. As eReflect’s representative pointed out, understanding the purpose and goal of SAT exams is an important first step to succeeding in achieving high scores.

The short guide explores how memory plays a vital role in how vocabulary is processed, stored, and recalled. The eReflect guide suggests that context should be considered a prompt that helps the student make the connection between new words and words already mastered. The short course also touches upon the significance of progressive learning and how success is ultimately a matter of sustained and strategic learning. Planning in advance, studying daily, and revising and reviewing material frequently are the main reasons why progressive learning is a foolproof vocabulary improvement method, states the company.

Another piece of advice put forward in this short Squidoo course is that the learner has to actively learn new words. The vocabulary improvement course shows students how to fully master new vocabulary, which means using it in the right context, with the right meaning and, most importantly, in a way that sounds natural and not awkward.

Students can benefit from using this guide as it also provides practical advice on how to learn new vocabulary in an easy and efficient manner. For instance, students are encouraged to create mock examinations with their classmates to facilitate learning and to make strong word associations for better recall, such as associating a concept with an acronym, image, or feeling to help them retrieve it correctly. Improving vocabulary doesn’t need to be hard, as the eReflect statement notes and this short course shows. It all boils down to having a plan and sticking to it.

For more information on how you can benefit from Ultimate Vocabulary, please visit its official website, http://www.ultimatevocabulary.com.

About Ultimate Vocabulary™

Ultimate Vocabulary provides a proven and powerful platform, built to improve anyone’s vocabulary.

The interactive self-improvement system provides more learning tools than any other program on the market, as well as more information on words.

The Ultimate Vocabulary software provides each and every user with a personal computer tutor. Providing a step-by-step guide to learning a powerful vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary is the learning tool everyone can benefit from.

Of course, the software is also backed by eReflect’s iron-clad money back guarantee.

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Golden West Auto Finance Advises Young Adults on How Much They Should Spend on Their First Car

Golden West Auto Finance Advises Young Adults on How Much They Should Spend on Their First Car

Your First Car

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Golden West Auto Finance, an automotive financial services provider serving the state of California, is proud to announce the publication of a new featured blog post entitled: “How Much Should You Spend on Your First Car?” This article, co-authored by two of the team’s founding members, is meant to educate young adults and first-time car-buyers as to how they should budget for their vehicles.

“We see far too many young consumers with unrealistic aspirations,” said T. Brown, one of the article’s co-authors. “They want the shiniest, newest, fanciest cars on the lot, when in reality this would wreak havoc on their finances, both now and on into the future.”

The article, which interested parties can read in its entirety here, provides concrete prescriptions for buyers, whether they into pay for their vehicles in cash or through a loan. If a loan is involved, the article advocates spending no more than 15% of one’s net monthly income on a car payment, while opting for the shortest repayment term possible. If paying cash, the authors suggest spending just 10%-30% of one’s gross annual income on a car.

“A car is a depreciating asset,” said Mr. Brown. “And therefore, it behooves the buyer to spend the least amount possible, while still buying a car that is practical and reliable for both highway driving and everyday commuting.”

The article proposes a strategy in which a buyer “tests” the car-buying waters by making “pretend” payments to their own savings account, thereby establishing a payment amount that is comfortable while accruing enough funds for a down payment.

About the Company: Golden West Auto Finance connects borrowers and lenders in real-time, all across the state of California.

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Appliance Direct Opens Its First Franchise Location

Appliance Direct Opens Its First Franchise Location

Appliance Direct Opens Its First Franchise Location

Palm Bay, FL (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

Appliance Direct has opened its first franchise location. The new store is located in Palm Bay and has the largest selection of live appliances anywhere in south Brevard.

“Picking the franchise owner is of course key to these new format stores,” says Appliance Direct President Mark Salmon.

“The owner has to be clear on what the market in their location wants and how he or she may adjust to that.”

“Our new format’s display is 92% locked with other Appliance Direct stores, giving us volume for the manufacturer and standard pieces for marketing campaigns. But the 8% that adjusts to the market may equal double that in store sales volume. Because it’s very specific to the store’s location, one of our franchise stores may be heavy on gas appliances while another would stock more built-in product.”

Last January Appliance Direct CEO Sam Pak garnered the cover of Space Coast Business Magazine and this month President Mark Salmon was awarded Marketer of the Year.

Clearly these two are focused on expansion and the next two years will tell the tale.

Space Coast Business Article on Mark Salmon:


Space Coast Business Article on Sam Pak:


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North Shore Eye Care Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery With Introduction of First Catalys Laser on Long Island

North Shore Eye Care Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery With Introduction of First Catalys Laser on Long Island

Smithtown, New York (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Ophthalmic surgeons at North Shore Eye Care are now able to offer patients an all-laser, blade-free method of cataract surgery that is revolutionizing one of the most common procedures performed in medicine today, according to eye surgeon Jeffrey Martin, MD, Medical Director of North Shore Eye Care, who is scheduled to perform the first official Catalys laser cataract procedure on Long Island.

Femtosecond laser cataract surgery using the Catalys Precision Laser System offers a reproducible, noninvasive technique to replace the least predictable – and most technically demanding – steps for surgeons during conventional cataract procedures. “Our Catalys laser procedure is a truly a technological breakthrough in precision, accuracy and safety for today’s cataract patients,” Dr. Martin said. Cataract removal and lens implantation is one of the most common – and successful medical procedures performed today. Each year, more than two million people in the United States have their vision restored through cataract surgery.

The Catalys combines a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser, advanced 3D Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging, sophisticated software and a host of other unique features that allow the surgeons of North Shore Eye Care to provide patients a gentle, highly customized cataract surgery with unprecedented precision and accuracy.

“This femtosecond laser technology allows us to take an already safe procedure and make it even better by adding a new level of precision and predictability that is simply not possible with traditional manual cataract surgery,” said Dr. Martin. “It is also helping us take advanced cataract surgery from an art form to a truly digital science.” In addition, the Catalys laser’s advanced technology makes break-up and removal of the cataract easier and gentler on the patient.

Dr. Martin and his medical staff are among the top 10% surgeons in the world to offer patients the safety, precision and accuracy of the Catalys Laser System. North Shore Eye Care is the first practice in Suffolk County and the second practice on Long Island to give patients access to this advanced laser technology.

The Catalys makes laser correction of astigmatism now possible with more precise and predictable laser-guided application. In the post-operative recovery period following laser cataract surgery, there is less incidence of swelling and inflammation than with traditional cataract surgery.

“The national outcomes have been excellent with patients achieving early visual recovery,” reports Dr Martin. “The laser procedure is surgeon-directed, computer controlled and allows for added precision during surgery. This means our patients can return to their normal activities sooner.”

Each human eye varies according to size, depth, curvature of the cornea and other essential factors. In preparation for cataract surgery, every eye is carefully measured and mapped. The Catalys laser uses a combination of highly advanced technologies to capture extremely precise, high-resolution digital images of the eye. “These real-time images, plus the measurements and data they provide, are then used to plan and perform a surgery to customized specifications that were previously unachievable,” notes Dr. Martin.

Cataract development is simply part of the natural aging process and is quite common in everyone over age 50. Cataracts occur when the natural clear lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy, causing colors to become less vibrant normal vision to become blurred. The only method to treat a cataract is through surgical removal of the body’s natural lens and implanting an artificial lens.

According to Dr. Martin, cataract surgery has evolved over the years from a procedure with less than certain outcomes, to an advanced no-patch, no-shot, no-stitch, 10-minute procedure with a swift recovery time. “The Catalys Laser is a perfect match with the state-of-the-art Lifestyle Lens Implant that helps reduce or eliminate dependency on prescriptive eyewear following cataract surgery.

The Cataralys Precision Laser System allows North Shore Eye Care surgeons to perform cataract surgery with accuracy up to 10 times greater than is possible with a manual cataract procedure. The reproducibility and accuracy of the Catalys enhances the positioning of the artificial replacement lens.

North Shore Eye Care is Long Island’s most established full-service comprehensive eye care provider. This year they are celebrating 50 years of eye care excellence since Dr. Sidney Martin founded the practice in 1962. North Shore Eye Care is also the Official Eye Care Provider for the New York Islanders and the Official LASIK Provider of the New York Mets. Several of their doctors have been voted ‘TOP DOCTORS’ in the New York Metro Area by Castle Connolly and North Shore Eye Care has earned ‘Best Of Long Island’ honors for the past few years.

North Shore Eye Care maintains offices in Smithtown, Riverhead, Holbrook, Deer Park, Southampton and Southold. They specialize in cataract care, LASIK laser vision correction, glaucoma management, diabetic eye disease, oculoplastics and retinal care. For more information about North Shore Eye Care, please contact Jacqueline Hernandez at 631-265-8780.

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