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Google Face European Data Regulators


Google is to meet data regulators from across the European Union to discuss the implications of the recent “right to be forgotten” ruling.

An EU court ruled in May that links to “irrelevant” and outdated data should be erased from searches on request, leading to censorship concerns.

The decision, and Google‘s handling of requests, has been heavily debated.

The UK’s information commissioner said he expects a “tsunami” of complaints relating to links people want removed.

Speaking to Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up To Money, Christopher Graham said Google had a responsibility to deal with the issue.

“The polluter pays, the polluter should clear up,” he said.

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Christopher GrahamUK information commissioner

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Facebook $19 Billion Deal Fuels Search for Next WhatsApp


Facebook Inc.’s purchase of WhatsApp Inc. for $19 billion is heightening the allure of other fledgling businesses, some of them little known in the U.S., that specialize in letting users send messages.facebook-whatsapp

At least one company, Tango, has fielded takeover advances, according to Eric Setton, Tango’s co-founder. Naver Corp.’s Line has received an offer from Softbank Corp. for a stake in the company, people with knowledge of the matter have said. Other messaging applications include Kik, KakaoTalk and SnapChat, the photo sharing tool whose parent rebuffed a $3 billion offer from Facebook last year. BlackBerry Ltd. also operates a messaging service called BBM. Continue reading “Facebook $19 Billion Deal Fuels Search for Next WhatsApp” »

Google get Slicklogin, a Sound Authentication Firm from Israel


Google has acquired SlickLogin – an Israeli start-up behind the technology that allows websites to verify a user’s identity by utilizing sound waves.

It works by playing a uniquely generated, almost noiseless sound through computer speakers, which is picked up by an app on the user’s smartphone.

The app analyses the sound and sends a signal back to confirm the identity.

The technology can be used either as a replacement for a password or as an extra security layer.

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Lenovo-Motorola out to overtake Apple, Samsung


Lenovo, the world’s largest personal computer maker, is ready to beef up its smartphone business with the aim of selling more than 100 million units globally in two years as soon as the US approves its acquisition of Google’s Motorola Mobility.


Its goal is to gain hard on the heels of Samsung Electronics and Apple, the world’s top smartphone makers, following its US$2.9 billion acquisition, which marks the fourth-biggest by a Chinese company. Continue reading “Lenovo-Motorola out to overtake Apple, Samsung” »

Lenovo decide to Buy Motorola from Google

In 2013, it looked like Google-owned Motorola Mobility had at long last hit its stride with the release of the Moto X and Moto G. Notwithstanding the success of these two telephones, Google is as of now offering the organization.


Techcrunch is reporting that Google will be offering the Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for practically $3 billion. Google acquired the organization in 2011 for $12.5 billion. While the distinction in cost between the two makes it appear as though Google may clutch a few patents, yet China Daily reports the arrangement nets Lenovo 10,000 patents. That is over 50% of the 17,000 patents Google procured in its unique buy. Continue reading “Lenovo decide to Buy Motorola from Google” »