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Take the Longevity View (Reverse Mortgages)

Reverse Mortgages: Take the Longevity View

It’s a reversal in reverse mortgages. And that may mean a boon for boomers.

The reverse mortgage, long a pariah in financial planning circles, lets homeowners tap home equity and defer repayment until they sell, move or pass away. As interest on the loan builds, home equity shrinks. Leading up to the financial crisis, many senior homeowners cashed out big chunks of home equity as lump sums, often to pay other debts. Whether borrowers had the cash flow to afford the home’s ongoing costs — property tax, insurance, maintenance — was another question. By 2010, nearly 10 percent of reverse mortgages were in technical default after falling behind in tax and insurance payments.


The stigma has been so bad that reverse mortgages were left off the financial planning curriculum at Texas Tech University until a few years ago. They graduated to a brief mention as a last resort. Now, strategies for using reverse mortgages in retirement get a full day, says John Salter, assistant professor of financial planning at the university and a planner at wealth management firm Evensky & Katz. Continue reading “Take the Longevity View (Reverse Mortgages)” »

HMRC : UK Property Sales still going up

HMRC : UK Property Sales still going up

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) stated that during this year, property transaction was increased. Transaction in March almost 19% higher than last year at same period. Besides that, last three month was busiest since 2008.

Transaction in England, Scotland and Wales were increased since February, but slow at the beginning period of this year. This enhancement dominated by newly-built homes with lender’s help.


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Rental Choice (.com) Announces New Advertising Partnership with Red Wagon Property Management

Rental Choice (.com) Announces New Advertising Partnership with Red Wagon Property Management

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Rental Choice(.com) is proud to announce a new advertising partnership with Red Wagon Property Management. Red Wagon is a full service property management company specializing in residential real estate management in Texas.

As a result of the new partnership, the Rental Choice (.com) directory will feature Red Wagon, who will receive custom advertising that focuses on their property management services. Visitors to Rental Choice (.com) are able to learn more about Red Wagon Property Management by visiting their profile page on the directory. This profile page allows users to click through to Red Wagon ’s website. Users can also call Red Wagon directly or submit a brief contact form to communicate via email.

Red Wagon Property Management is simply the best property management company in the San Antonio and Boerne area. They market properties extensively in order to bring tenant traffic to their clients’ property. Red Wagon handles maintenance requests efficiently and quickly to keep tenants happy and help maintain each property’s equitable value. Property inspections are a vital part of maintaining a home. Red Wagon Property Management performs a professional inspection of the entire home. They also provide leasing agents to personally interview and screen each tenant in addition to background checks. Red Wagon’s management fees are simple and straightforward. They charge a first month leasing fee when establishing new tenancy and a monthly management fee. Every owner has different preferences and comfort levels when dealing with their investments, so Red Wagon Property Management offers clients a personal relationship and customized services.

Rental Choice (.com) uses targeted marketing strategies to reach out to property owners and offer them free access to the online directory. The property owners are then able to connect directly with a property manager in their local area either through a form sent directly to the company email, phone or by visiting their website directly for more information from a link that is provided on the advertiser’s landing page. To learn more about Rental Choice (.com), visit http://www.rentalchoice.com.


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NY Property Management Company, Metropolitan Pacific Properties, Says Commercial Properties Can Stop Profit Leaks In Three Key Areas of Property Management

NY Property Management Company, Metropolitan Pacific Properties, Says Commercial Properties Can Stop Profit Leaks In Three Key Areas of Property Management

Astoria, NY (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

Long recognized for their expertise in driving out profit losses and cost inefficiencies for commercial property owners, real estate management company Metropolitan Pacific Properties is now sharing three ways commercial building owners can obtain better, more effective property management services in 2014.

Assess All Commercial Leases

First, it is imperative that the managing agent studies all of the commercial leases they are overseeing carefully and critically. This year, for example, NY property management company Metropolitan started managing a two story building in Manhattan currently being leased to a restaurant owner. When the Owners of the building first contacted them in December of 2012, the building was in very poor financial health. Owners complained about the prior agent not acting with the Owner’s best interest in mind.

As soon as the contract was signed, Metropolitan’s seasoned managing agent immediately started researching the Owner’s lease agreement with the restaurant. He noticed that the lease was only for the use of the 2 floors of the restaurant, yet the restaurant had become well-known for having a nice rooftop terrace area with additional seating that it uses in warmer months. “This rooftop was not included in the lease. The prior agent never mentioned this to the owners and the restaurant owner continued making profits off of the rooftop. When Metropolitan stepped in, we aggressively identified cost savings opportunities and ways to generate new income,” says CEO Steve Osman. With assistance from the Manhattan building’s law firm, Metropolitan was able to negotiate an additional $ 25k per year from the restaurant for the use of the building’s rooftop.

Limit Building Supplies And Equipment Spending For Superintendents

Second, it is a common practice to give a building’s Superintendent a spending limit on building supplies and equipment. Property managers at Metropolitan say that Superintendents often have permission to spend anywhere from $ 1,000 up to $ 5000 without Board approval. “Overspending is very common. Even small purchases can add up, especially if your Super is paying top dollar for things like garbage bags, soap, and light bulbs. Your managing agent should be overseeing all of the building’s purchases and assuring that your building is being provided with the very best prices from their vendors,” says executive Brandon Osman.

Metropolitan Pacific Properties has a vast vendor list and special industry pricing information available so that they know what a price of an item should be with great accuracy. “We go further than looking at supplies. Saving money on insurance and energy are priorities that we carefully oversee and negotiate, leading to huge savings for our properties,” added Mr. Osman. “Client’s should not pay a penny more than is necessary.”

Keep Energy Costs Accurate And Under Control

Energy (specifically oil) is a huge line item on a real estate property’s budget, which is why it is critical for property managers to carefully oversee energy suppliers. A building’s Super along with the managing agent should be working hand-in-hand to ensure that their building is not getting taken advantage of. Unfortunately there are corrupt oil companies in the industry who mischarge or overcharge. Property management companies such as Metropolitan say that the Super should be reading the oil Petrometer directly before and after each delivery to see exactly how much product was delivered. Records should be kept and bills carefully reviewed.

“Companies who scrutinize bills and closely manage suppliers come out ahead,” say executives at Metropolitan. “We take things one step further by employing in house CPAs who comb through all aspects of our clients’ accounts. Details matter when money is on the line.”

New York commercial property owners looking to save money in 2014 can reach Metropolitan Pacific Properties by calling (718) 626-4400 or visiting metpacproperties(dot)com.

About Metropolitan Pacific Properties:

Metropolitan Pacific Properties is a top rated New York property management company that has been in business for 20 years managing properties of all sizes (from 50-1,000+ units). Property managers have over 30+ years of experience managing commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential and government properties. Metropolitan is recognized for its unique ability to save clients money while generating new income streams for property owners.

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Rick Otton Previews 2014 UK Property Conference

Rick Otton Previews 2014 UK Property Conference

Zero-Debt Property Cash Flow Conference

(PRWEB) December 26, 2013

UK property investors and aspiring home owners are searching for solutions as industry observers warn house prices could rise by up to eight per cent in 2014. Australian real estate authority, Rick Otton, has announced that he will reveal his latest non-conventional, easy-to-learn strategies at an upcoming financial freedom conference in the UK next year.

According to a new report from Rightmove, a lack of newly listed property stock will push housing prices by up to eight per cent next year.

“To help mitigate the upwards pressure on prices it is important that home-owners who have a move on their minds make it a new year’s resolution to spring into action. After six years afflicted by the credit-crunch, there’s a definite window to move up or move on in 2014 before the market’s usual pre-election pause in early 2015,” a Rightmove spokesperson said.

Mr Otton, who for the past 20 years has continually refined his range of non-traditional strategies for property investors in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the US, said buyer levels were certainly robust but anyone armed with the right knowledge, could thrive.

“The best Christmas or New Year’s gift anyone serious about real estate investing can give themselves is the gift of knowledge,” he said.

“After two decades in the industry, I can say from personal experience that it is possible to buy a house without a new bank loan, to turn negative equity property into positive cash flow and to discover bargain properties no matter your location or boom-and-bust conditions.”

A radical approach to making money in property

Mr Otton is hosting an intensive real estate strategy seminar in the UK next year. His annual ‘Zero-Debt Property Cash Flow’ events usually sell out in advance, as it coaches people on property investing approaches that work in any location and market cycle.

“My toolbox of techniques is ideal for anyone who’s willing to open their mind to new ways of doing things and who likes to have fun. If applied correctly, my unique investing strategies can create a passive income stream for those dedicated to having a go,” Mr Otton said.

Anyone who would like an insight into those strategies can now easily tap into his latest strategies and tips via his no-charge downloadable Power Property Profits Pack on his website.

Access Mr Otton’s free downloadable Power Property Profits Pack at RickOtton.co.uk, as well as the details of early bird pricing for his next UK 3-day real estate training conference in March 2014. Phone enquiries in the UK are welcome on 0207 000 1027.

About Rick Otton

Rick Otton is a property investment professional who, over the last 23 years, has introduced innovative real estate strategies to the UK, Australian and the United States. His creative ‘low-risk, high-reward’ approach to buying and selling houses is exemplified in his own business, We Buy Houses.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Mr Otton introducing his strategies to the UK, and the 5 year anniversary of his innovative ‘Buy A House For A Pound’ process – one that attempted to be emulated by others. His constant process of strategy refinement, and adapting to the ever-changing real estate market, continues to place him at the forefront of property investment education.

In 2012 Rick Otton published his Australian book ‘How To Buy A House For A Dollar’ which was named in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Finance Titles for 2013. A UK version is on the drawing board for publication in 2014.

Mr Otton freely shares insights into his non-bank-loan strategies that have allowed everyday UK men and women to beat the rental cycle and have their own homes. He coaches others on how to build profitable businesses by facilitating transactions that focus on the needs of potential buyers and motivated sellers.

Access his free downloadable Power Property Profits Pack at RickOtton.co.uk, and the details of early bird pricing for his next UK 3-day real estate training conference in March 2014. Phone enquiries in the UK are welcome on 0207 000 1027.


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