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BI: This Month, Interest Rate still 7,5%

BI: This Month, Interest Rate still 7,5%

Bank Indonesia (BI) has decided to maintain the benchmark interest rateat 7.5 percent, similar to  April’s level.

BI has set the rate at this level since November 2013.

The rate was announced in Jakarta on Thursday afternoon by BI Governor Agus Martowardojo after conducting a board of governorsmeeting (RDG).

“We are consistent in maintaining the rate as we want to achieve an inflation rate of 4.5 percent, plus minus one percent,” Agus told the press after the RDG as quoted by kontan.co.id.

The monthly RDG is to evaluate monetary policy that has been carried out as well as to prepare future monetary policies.

Apart from the BI rate, the bank also maintained its lending and deposit facilities at 7.5 percent and 5.75 percent, respectively. (nfo/nvn)

Source : Jakpost

No Deviden will be paid from Run-state Electric Company, PLN, This Year.

State-run electric company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is not going to pay out dividends to the government as it suffered a huge net loss last year.


“This is because of [rupiah against US dollar] rate changes,” PLN president director Nur Pamudji said at the Economic Coordinating Ministry office in Jakarta on Friday as quoted by kompas.com. Continue reading “No Deviden will be paid from Run-state Electric Company, PLN, This Year.” »

Interest Rate in Europe is held on 0,25%

The bank slightly raised its forecast for growth to 1.2% in 2014, but dropped its inflation estimate.

Eurozone interest rates have remained unchanged since November 2013, when the bank said it expected “a prolonged period of low inflation”.

In February, eurozone inflation was at 0.8%, well below the ECB’s 2% target, which has prompted deflation worries.

However, the ECB has been confident that eurozone economies are recovering from recession.

The bank decided to leave the rate unchanged as there were continued signs of recovery, ECB president Mario Draghi told a news conference in Frankfurt. Continue reading “Interest Rate in Europe is held on 0,25%” »

Violence Continues, Ukraine Credit Rating Cut by S&P

Violence Continues, Ukraine Credit Rating Cut by S&P


Standard & Poor’s said the downgrade reflected “our view that the political situation has deteriorated substantially”.

origami Hang Glider

It downgraded the economy by one notch, from CCC+ to CCC.

Ukrainians government’s plans to forge closer ties with Russia rather than with Europe was protested by his own citizen. Continue reading “Violence Continues, Ukraine Credit Rating Cut by S&P” »

Lowest Auto Insurance Rates for Drivers in 2014 Found in Locator Tool at Automotive Website

Lowest Auto Insurance Rates for Drivers in 2014 Found in Locator Tool at Automotive Website

stockimages | freedigitalphotos.net

Portland, OR (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

Annual increases in the automobile insurance industry are often absorbed by drivers each year. The Auto Pros company has now updated its locator tool online to produce the lowest auto insurance rates for drivers in 2014 online at http://autoprosusa.com/insurance.

New rates have been entered into the automatic system for price quotations set up by this company in 2013. These rates are currently being quoted by national companies and companies working at the state level in the insurance industry. The locator system is an open access database available for any motor vehicle owner.

The Auto Pros new update for 2014 rates is part of the end of the year expansion this company has enabled as a benefit to vehicle owners in North America. The connections with insurance companies and other providers of vehicle services online has improved the accuracy of the locator tool currently available.

“Insurance rates often increase each year based on changes in the market or insurer increases in service fees that are passed on to drivers,” said a source from the AutoProsUSA.com company.

The low rates that are searchable using the system online are updated each day through a new data portal link to the quotation system. Providers frequently update policy information and entry-level policy pricing and these changes are automatically reflected in the open quotes system available.

“Finding a more affordable rate for vehicle insurance is the purpose of the locator system that can be used as a secondary source to aid drivers in research,” confirmed the source.

The Auto Pros USA company has introduced North American drivers to more than one research tool online in 2013. This company is currently working with new providers to increase the number of services that are available using the company database online.

The existing warranties locator online at http://autoprosusa.com/auto-warranty is currently featuring the 2014 rates that warranty agencies are providing for short or long-term plans for vehicle owners.

About AutoProsUSA.com

The AutoProsUSA.com company is one online resource to find automatic quotations for vehicle insurance policies and other essential maintenance programs. The company tools that are provided to the general public online are maximized to present affordable rates with each search conducted. The AutoProsUSA.com company staff offers solutions that include immediate support through toll-free phone systems and online forms for contact. The current network of supply agencies this company uses is updated weekly for any variances in price. All U.S. vehicle owners receive access to the complimentary company tools online.

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November 2013 Small Business Lending Index Gives Edge to Alternative Lenders When It Comes to Approval Rates

November 2013 Small Business Lending Index Gives Edge to Alternative Lenders When It Comes to Approval Rates

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

Though nowhere near pre-recession levels, the second half of 2013 saw an uptick in small business lending from traditional lenders, like big banks. But with fewer than 20% of small business loan applications receiving approval, it is not a surprise that alternative lenders had a big year, as they sought to fill the small business financing gap.

In fact, the approval gap for small business financing is striking. While banks approved fewer than one small business loan application out of every five submitted in 2013, the Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index for November 2013 noted that alternative lenders are able to approve financing for about two thirds of all small business financing applications received.

Most dental practices are small businesses, and depend on consumers having adequate disposable income to afford dental services not covered by insurance, so they face the same cash flow and growth financing challenges as retail counterparts. Since many U.S. consumers experienced a decrease in disposable income and some lost a portion (or even all) employer-provided benefits during the Great Recession, many dentist offices experienced a corresponding decline in revenue as well.

This kind of cash flow constriction limits the ability of dental practices to execute the kind of marketing campaigns needed to attract new patients, make repairs to equipment or facilities, renovate, purchase new equipment or expand. Dental loan alternatives like merchant cash advances can help solve these types of common cash flow challenges, and may be an appropriate dental practice financing option, especially when the practice is planning for growth.

Dental practices that need financing to implement strategic marketing plans, make repairs or renovations, finance dental equipment purchases, or expand by adding new service capabilities, developing additional square footage or expanding into new locations may need look to alternative financing solutions, especially in the absence of the collateral, credit score, or time needed to obtain a traditional bank loan.

Among dental loan alternative financing options, merchant cash advances like those offered by business financing company DB Squared may be best suited for dental practices with business and marketing plans which are likely to result in new or increased revenue streams. Since cash advances are usually paid back much more quickly than bank loans, the growth strategies implemented by a dental practice can help them become more profitable even during the period when they are repaying the cash advance.

“Unlike loans, merchant cash advances are paid back as a small percentage of each debit or credit card transaction,” said Kelley Bingham, Merchant Cash Advance Manager at DB Squared Inc. “Our goal is to support growth for our clients, where our short term advance can be used for equipment or other investment opportunities and the merchant will see immediate revenue and sales increase to compensate for the extra payment they are incurring.”

Compared to bank dental loans, merchant cash advances come with higher rates, because they carry a higher risk; but the benefits of obtaining financing within a few business days, regardless of lack of collateral or even a poor credit score may make them an attractive option, especially when financing is key to growing a dental practice.

Because merchant cash advances are still a relatively new form of financing, it is important to know what to look for when selecting a merchant cash advance company. “We are really proud of our “A” rating with the BBB,” notes Tom Glazier, Vice President of Operations at DB Squared. “We present our financing proposals to clients in a very transparent way, with no hidden fees. We feel like this ultimately results in a higher level of client satisfaction. In turn, our reputation paves the way for doing business as a merchant cash advance provider with new clients.”

As with any type of business partner, both reputation and transparency should be key considerations, as are their financing rates. Other questions to ask include how quickly they can turn around funding after approving a client, how attentive they are in managing client accounts, what type of customer service they provide, and whether they offer flexible repayment options that align with the client’s sales trends.

A repayment schedule typically lasts from six to twelve months, so it is important to do your homework up front so that you are not disappointed or surprised later on. Do not be afraid to ask for references or whether you can speak with one of their other current or former clients before you sign on the dotted line.


DB Squared is a privately held business financing company that provides receivables financing services and merchant cash advances. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington and owned by a 30 year old private consumer finance company, DB Squared serves businesses located throughout the United States. For more information, visit http://www.dbsquaredinc.com.

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Mortgage Rates Rise To New Three Month Highs For California Borrowers

Mortgage Rates Rise To New Three Month Highs For California Borrowers

Blue Loan Services

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

Blue Loan Services is a full service mortgage company that has been providing the residents of California with the best loan products and the lowest wholesale rates and fees for many years. The company, which is headed by father and son team, Robert and Brandon Blue, is dedicated to serving its clients with honesty, integrity and competence. The company also helps their clients by keeping them abreast of any new developments in the finance and real estate industries that could affect mortgage availability or affordability. Now, as California mortgage rates rise to new three month highs, Blue Loan Services takes a look at the surrounding factors and gives advice to borrowers on how to find the best mortgage loan at this time.

A December 24th report from Mortgage News Daily states, “Mortgage rates rose to new 3-Month Highs today as bond market weakness (read: higher rates) is magnified by holiday trading conditions. In other words, there are far fewer MBS (mortgage-backed-securities, which directly affect rates) being traded this time of year, so if there is an imbalance toward strength or weakness, it tends to have a bigger effect on lender rate sheets. In the current case, that imbalance favors higher rates. In addition, lenders typically err on the side of caution (read: higher rates) during this time of year, regardless of bond market movement. That doesn’t mean they’ll always raise rates in December, simply that rates are set just a bit higher than they otherwise would be during more active trading. The combination of the market weakness and lender defensiveness made for new 3 month highs.”

Blue Loan Services explains that the most prevalent quoted rate for 30 year fixed mortgages is around 4.62% for ideal situations, which makes it the closest its been to the 4.75% landmark since September. However, there is a chance that rates will dip a bit after more traders return from their holidays and the market sees more participation. Because of this, Blue Loan Services suggests that those who are not in a rush to close on a loan might want to float their rate for a bit in order to see if rates will return to lower levels after the Christmas-shortened week is finished. The mortgage company notes, however, that rates are moving up in the long run, regardless of whether there are slight dips along the way, meaning that those who wish to lock in today’s mortgage rates should feel free to do so.

Blue Loan Services can help those who wish to lock in today’s low rates to find the best possible loans for their situation and work quickly to get approved so that they can avoid higher rates down the line. Their fast online loan application and documentation portal makes it simple for clients to submit their application and keep track of their loan’s progress. With a reputation for fast, reliable and courteous service, the company’s team of experienced loan officers can be especially useful during this time of rapidly changing mortgage rates.

For more information on how Blue Loan Services can help California home loan borrowers get approved for their home purchase loan or refinance quickly, please visit BlueLoanServices.com or call 1-888-929-BLUE (2583) to speak with an experienced mortgage professional.

CA Dept of Real Estate — Licensed Broker #01094374 NMLS #938365

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New Home Sales Decrease Yet Mortgage Rates Continue Higher

New Home Sales Decrease Yet Mortgage Rates Continue Higher

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

New home sales declined on Tuesday December 24th from a 5 year high in October, while mortgage rates continued higher. Peoples Home Equity reminds readers that rates may ignore recent weakness in economic data points and persistently move higher into 2014 due to The Feds unwinding of quantitative easing.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, new homes sales posted declined 2.1% from 474,000 in October to 464,000 in November. Despite the slight pull back, new home sales remain at their 2nd highest level in 5 years. Peoples Home Equity views Tuesday, December 24th report more positive than negative. New home sales remain in a stark uptrend, declining on 9 times (37.5%) in the past 24 months, including the one just announced.

Peoples Home Equity produced issued a release back on November 15th, 2013 that show mortgage rates are relatively lower in the winter months of December, January, and February. The release was titled “43 Years of Data Shows Historical Bias in Mortgages Rates.” Unfortunately, this winter may be different due to low real estate inventories coupled with the Federal Reserve finally unwinding its long running policy of quantitative easing.

As the Fed continues to taper its asset repurchase program in upcoming 2014, Peoples Home Equity expects mortgage rates to trend higher. The lender strongly encourages prospective home buyers to at least apply for a home now loan in hopes of locking in a satisfactory mortgage rate now it becomes too expensive. As shown on MortgageNewsDaily.com rates moved to fresh 3 months highs on Tuesday, December 24th. The mortgage rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage now stands at 4.64%, which is just a few percentages points below the below the highest rate seen in the past 52 weeks, 4.84%.

To prepare for applying for a home loan Peoples Home Equity offers users many online tools. Users may calculate their hypothetical monthly payment, how much they must earn to afford a certain credit size, or how much will they save by refinancing a loan.

Please contact a Peoples Home Equity loan officer today for all their home loan options at: (855)-897-0300

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