Tiger Mandala air stop operates from this day

Tigerair Mandala Airlines, previously known as Mandala Airlines, announced stops their operation from 1st July 2014 last days ago. The corporate can not lift their profit in last several years. This makes many customers feels sad. People loves the aircraft because their services and many promos. Tiger air Mandala has many promos like Tigerflash every Thursday, Free on arrival flight, and others.

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Before Tiger air buy 33 % Mandala’s stock on 2012, they has also been stopped their flight because of finance problem. but in their new brand image, its still hard to gain their revenue. So this is hard decision was made.

Mandala last

For passengers who already have tickets, they can make refund or reschedule to their flight partner of Tiger air. In several times, Tiger air Mandala’s hotline phone was very busy to collect many customers refund proposal.

Mandala's Crew

Many passenger share their experience and last flight moment on June 30th 2014. And its still going until now (1st July 2014). Some customer hopes Mandala will fly again. They miss the cheapness, kindness and memories of Mandala. But it seems won’t be realized, because Transportation ministry says that ex Tiger air Mandala’s route will be auctioned after Ied Mubarak. some airlines interested to take over the route, especially popular destinations such as Bali, Medan and Surabaya.

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