Used 6.4 Powerstroke Engine for Sale Shipped Without Freight Costs at Used Diesel Engines Company

Used 6.4 Powerstroke Engine for Sale Shipped Without Freight Costs at Used Diesel Engines Company

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

The diesel engines used in some automaker brands of trucks can be difficult to find once production ceases by automakers. The Got Engines company specializes in out of production engines in used condition and has recently modified its Ford inventory. This company is now shipping used 6.4 Powerstroke engine for sale inventory without freight costs in the U.S.

These standard units are now supplied to help decrease the rising costs of freight for engine shipments. The standard edition 6.4 Powerstroke motors are eligible for this freight discount as well as the the MaxxForce 7 series engines. This termination of all freight costs is one method in use by the company to expand its buyer network this year and through next year.

The diesel motors that are in production by Ford Motor Company are increasing in popularity for the F-Series trucks and E-Series vans in the U.S. These units are relatively simple to find when using dealerships although second hand sources can have limited inventory. The 6.4, 6.0 and 7.3 Powerstroke engines inventory at the Got Engines company can be viewed on the company website.

“Removing freight costs is one strategy now used to indirectly lower the purchase price of an engine that is inside our inventory,” a source confirmed at the company.

Many retailers of replacement engines selling inventory online include the cost of shipping separately apart from the processed engine sale. This is due partly to the increasing costs for freight shipments for heavy inventory like diesel engines. The termination of shipment charges for buyers is expected to remain in place until further notice.

“Diesel engines that are shipped through our company are now delivered in a shorter period of time on average,” the source added.

The freight companies now used to deliver all shipments have been modified this year to expand the amount of providers available. This is one contributing factor to the recent removal of shipping costs for all used diesel engines available online.

Buyers can quote the price of an engine using the research tools that are now positioned for use on the company homepage. Additional information for warranty policies is now included when prices are quoted online.


The company supports the American public by providing automobile engines that are used condition and shipped free of charge. This company now stocks Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and other brands of gasoline or diesel engines online. The company created the first edition of its website in 2007 and has modified the tools available online this year. The price quotations, shipment information and limited warranty data useful for comparing engine retailers online is now generated using the easy tools on the company website.

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