Used Borg Warner T5 Transmission Now Shipped in U.S. with No Freight Costs at Transmissions Company Website

Used Borg Warner T5 Transmission Now Shipped in U.S. with No Freight Costs at Transmissions Company Website

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Louisville, KY (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

The transmissions industry is one component of automobile production and includes different varieties for vehicle manufacturing. The Got Transmissions company is now announcing its freight removal policy for all used Borg Warner T5 transmission inventory for U.S. buyers at

These T5 5-speed transmission units are currently available for Mustang vehicles and other builds using the Borg Warner technologies. A recent supplier change has resulted in a better inventory available to obtain these units. The shipping fees removal policy is now included as one additional benefit to replacement auto parts buyers online.

The Borg Warner inventory of used condition transmissions online includes additional units apart from the T5 series. All of the complete assemblies that are available are visible when using the research tools added to the resource online.

“Owners of Ford vehicles, salvage parts buyers or others unable to find T5 inventory in stock from a U.S. dealer are expected to instantly benefit from the freight policies that are now in place,” said a source from the company.

The used transmissions that are now being marketed in the United States for discount prices by the Got Transmissions company have been updated to include a different level of warranty protection. These warranties are now fixed with each online or telephone sale processed by company sales staff.

“The freight incentives combined with the new warranty coverage supplied for all inventory in stock are two recent strategies now underway going forward for parts buyers to benefit,” the source concluded.

The company resource online includes thousands of research pages and additional quality information about each gearbox that is retailed to the public. The supplier changes, inventory adjustments and other policies enabled this year are contributing to an increase in processed sales.


The company supplies preowned gearbox units that are purchased for resale from automotive supply companies within the United States. These units are discounted below the average costs that competing companies charge for comparable inventory. The website is one resource that buyers use before making purchasing decisions. The quote system that is in use online supplies immediate pricing information and warranty data before sales are processed for consumers. A customer support team now handles all telephone calls requesting support before and after transmission sales are processed.

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