Volusion: Review Exposes eCommerce Platform for Small-to Medium-Sized Businesses

Volusion: Review Exposes eCommerce Platform for Small-to Medium-Sized Businesses

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

Volusion, an e-commerce platform that offers small- to medium-sized businesses an all-in-

one solution for web design, web hosting, and online shopping carts caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting and investigative review.

“For businesses who are looking to really grow their online presence and ability to generate sales through an e-commerce site, Volusion is the answer,” reports Michaels. “Volusion has really created a one-stop solution for companies who want a great looking website with functional shopping cart capabilities all for an affordable price that makes sense for their business model.”

Volusion offers merchants all the tools they need to build, manage, and grown an online business at varying pricing options. In addition to providing merchants with fully hosted ecommerce websites that are modern and user friendly, Volusion also provides tools that help merchants easily manage orders, inventory, and returns. Additionally, Volusion customers have access to integrated SEO tools to help their website get found through major search engines. Social media marketing tools are also included with Volusion sites to help merchants expands their reach to an even wider audience. Each e-commerce site hosted by Volusion comes with expert 24/7 support from dedicated account managers.

Currently, Volusion offers five different pricing levels—mini, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum—to accommodate e-commerce businesses of all sizes. The monthly fees for the five different pricing levels range from $ 15 – $ 195, depending on the options included.

“The proof of the effectiveness of the e-commerce solutions that Volusion offers is in the numbers—to date, Volusion has helped its merchants generate more than $ 12 billion in sales,” says Michaels. “Volusion customers, on average, sell three times more than other e-commerce sites from the nearest competition in the industry.”

“Besides just the products being offered, a successful e-commerce site is all about appearance, ease-of-use, and its ability to generate traffic. Volusion helps merchants do all of the above easily and professional support. Right now, merchants can try a 14-day trial of Volusion for free, with no credit card required, to see how these tools can help improve their business.

Those wishing to start a free Volusion trial or for more information, click here.

To access a comprehensive Volusion review, visit their official site here.


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