What is the Most Important in Aviation Industry?

What is the Most Important in Aviation Industry?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on government institutions, airlines and aviation industry stakeholders to safeguard the development of Indonesia’s commercial airline industry by striving to meet international standards of coordination and safety.


“The key to unlocking the aviation industry’s future potential is a global mind-set that is supported by strong partnerships. Aviation connects people and business to make global expansion possible. Airlines must be profitable, safe and secure,” Tony Tyler, IATA’s director general and CEO said Monday in a statement made available to The Jakarta Post on the sidelines of the IATA 70th annual general meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Doha, Qatar.

He mentioned that commercial aviation began when a lone passenger flew for 23 minutes across Tampa Bay in Florida on New Year’s Day, 1914.

“Since then, aviation has changed the world immeasurably for the better. This year, airlines will connect 3.3 billion people and move 52 million tons of cargo via some 50,000 air routes. The industry provides 58 million jobs and delivers goods valued at US$6.8 trillion,” he said.

In addition, he reiterated the industry’s commitment to working with governments to ensure safety.

According to IATA data, in 2013 there were 29 million flights taken on Western-built jet aircraft and only 12 hull losses.

“Flying is incredibly safe and we are determined to make it safer. The loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370 points us to an immediate need. A large commercial airliner going missing without a trace for so long is unprecedented in modern aviation. It must not happen again,” he added.

He said that IATA’s Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) project was building the world’s largest database of operational information, culling data from a global spectrum of industry and government sources.

The database is expected to aid in the process of evaluating the potential for accidents.


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